REVIEW: This Is Not The End | Baby Animals

It was a lazy and stormy summer afternoon, and there was no better time to spin a new album, and laze the day away. My only mistake was that the Baby Animal’s latest album offering titled This Is Not the End is definitely not a lazy afternoon kind of soundtrack. Jump into your 1990’s Toyota Corolla, wind down the windows, blast the speakers, and you have the perfect recipe for listening to this gem of a classic Aussie rock album.

This is the first release from the rockers since 2008. Their last release was strictly acoustic. This Is Not the End finds the Baby Animals back in their 90s common ground and is arguably one of the best pure Aussie rock albums that Australia has seen in the last few years.

While the album is reminiscent of their 90’s sound, there is also a blatant maturity in Suie DeMarchi’s vocals as well as the band’s songwriting efforts. It shares the similar climatic highs and lows the band’s career has seen, mixing some softer ballads with classic rock tracks including Got It Bad, Hot Air Balloon and the band’s first single in 20 years, Email.

Somewhat of a comeback album, the Baby Animals have released what should become known as an Aussie rock classic. Be sure to grab a copy if you’re itching to reminisce the rock days with a good old head bang and an air guitar workout.

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