Review: Tuesday’s Good | Self-Titled Deluxe Album

Sarah Frank is a Gold Coast treasure complete with impressive vocals and compositional abilities and Jim Pagotto has a remarkable level of talent on guitar and writes excellent riffs. When these two are mixed with the rhythm section, comprised of Jamie Eddy and Nathan Ortado, you know you are going to hear something special. Together they created Tuesday’s Good’s new self titled deluxe album.

The track Baby Green possesses a guitar riff reminiscent of 70’s rock like Led Zeppelin. Eddy creates the perfect beats to drive each track along and harmonises with each instrument perfectly. The album is an impressive fusion of blues and good old rock n’ roll from the era of long hair and psychedelic music. Natural Love has a catchy brass section and this track is the perfect song to get a crowd moving and dancing along to. The bass riff supporting this track is well composed from start to finish until the song falls apart in a haze of bass, brass, guitar and cymbals. Snakeskin Hat is the heaviest track on the EP with raw, distorted guitars and an amazing vocal melody in the chorus. This track is expertly written and contains a guitar solo that would make many guitarists jealous.

This is an impressive re-release deluxe album by a hard-working Gold Coast band.

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