REVIEW: Von Villains EP launch | Elsewhere 29 November

Von Villains, you make my ears happy.

A ridiculously fun four-piece alternative rock outfit who hail from our very own backyard, these boys are an unconventional alternative rock act who know how to put on a crowd pleasing show.

Well oiled and raring to go, the boys opened with rough and pastoral rock sounding 625, a number comprised of foundation drumming, misty vocals and evocative songwriting.  Drummer Anthony is not cymbal shy, manipulating his set to create an involved backup to satisfy the moody, nostalgic numbers.

Opening up with indie style serenade, Where You Been quickly had the crowd in a synchronized jig as they threw down a beguiling jam with catchy riffs and some seriously skillful playing by lead guitarist Voislav Ivanovsk.

“We’re gonna drop the beat; it’s gonna be a slow one”. Telephone is as romantic as pastoral blues gets. James handles his voice incredibly well, working it into a rustic and soulful croon to compliment a slow jam reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys. Bassist Lewis is your typical under the radar bass player, effortlessly injecting solid tones for a deep and well-rounded sound.
Miss Evsky is “about the girls that never call you back”, a super fun lighthearted rip on the qualms of twenty-somethings that will have you incessantly bopping along, laughing at James’ guileless lyrics.

Short snares, nostalgic lyrics with travelling vocals, crowd-stealing riffs and absorbed, rhythmic drumming, these guys are one of my favourites of the year. The honest, mischievous and outlandishly fun music making, converts these guys from the budding rock band into a boisterous outfit worthy of swooning over. Von Villains were made to be on heavy rotation.

Favourites: Telephone, Whisper, Where You Been

Sounds like: Kings of Leon, Arctic Monkeys, Two Door Cinema Club, The Strokes

Listen to their self-titled EP on and get your beady eyes onto for updates. A Digital Frontier Ep Web

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