Review: Wolf Alice | My Love is Cool

Wolf Alice caused a stir when they wowed Australian audiences for the first time at Falls Music and Arts Festival 2014-15, playing to crowds that fed off their incredible live presence and tracks. Now, the band is releasing their debut album, My Love is Cool. Turn to Dust is a track that seems to have sonic roots in R.E.M.’s Reveal era, sounding awash with reversed guitarwork and an otherworldly vibe that shrouds the entire song.

The English quartet’s reworking of their previous single Bros rolls around sporting fresh guitar tones and effects, and Rowsell’s new vocal recordings are immaculate. The bridge is more haunting than ever, and despite the slight backlash the new version copped from experienced Wolf Alice fans, the track is brilliant. Your Loves Whore launches into a wall of soaring jet tones offset by feedback and a guitar lick coated in early Corgan-esque guitar tones. The song reaches deep into Wolf Alice’s softer side before carving a 180 turn into a driving rock tune. Your Loves Whore is killer, and I’ll put my money on it being the best festival song of Splendour in the Grass 2015.

You’re A Germ channels grunge throughout the chorus, and Lisbon offers one of the largest audio experiences on the album. Put headphones on and be absorbed. You’ll understand. Silk is an ominous experience, and you can hear the emotions brooding just under the surface. The production throughout the album is awesome, and this is part of the reason the album goes down so well on the first listen. Each instrument has its place, and no composition is drowned out by another.

Freazy gives the album its title, and it offers the poppiest audio on the album. Somewhat fittingly, the song is followed up by leading single Giant Peach, which I’m sure you’ve heard by now. If not, keep your headphones on and cue it up after Lisbon. It’s my favourite from the album, and a fitting choice for a single. The album is awesome, and it can be easily added to the endless list of incredible English albums of late.


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