Roz Pappalardo Won’t Be Quiet

Roz Pappalardo has been shaking things up for the best part of two decades, challenging perceptions and very much forging her own direction through the music landscape.

Her latest single, ‘Won’t Be Quiet’, from the album of the same name (releasing on 14 May), is a tribute to a resilient and inspirational woman.

“This is a story of love and courage despite time, distance and fatal illness,” Roz tells us.

“I met Althea on an 18-hour train trip from Brisbane to Townsville as a songwriter documenting the trip of 40 war widows doing their annual pilgrimage to Friendship Day celebrations in Townsville.

“The love of her life died due to what Althea and family can only put down to Agent Orange, after her husband served in Vietnam, and upon his return to Australia, was diagnosed with an awful debilitating illness until his passing.

“Althea shared with me that she is tired of pretending and lying about what her husband died from, and why other members of her family are unwell. She told me she won’t be quiet anymore, and if someone asks, she will speak up,” says Roz.

“’Won’t Be Quiet’ struck me as a perfect name for this album and title track. Because I’ve spent a long time in this industry, wearing many different hats. And I won’t be quiet. You’ll hear me come.

In total, Roz has released more than 10 records in various guises, perhaps the best known though with her much-loved duo, Women in Docs.

‘Won’t Be Quiet’ and its clip will drop on 16 April. You can catch the launch of the single at Dust Temple from 7pm. Tickets are available at, and you can follow Roz at

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