Rubberlegs by the Creek

Rani Huszar has captivated audiences for the last 13 years in over 20 countries with her unique and quirky physical theatre productions, performing most often as the aptly named contortionist Ruby Rubberlegs.  This year she brings her very particular brand of astonishing physical comedy to our very own Buskers by the Creek.  We shot her a few quick questions in the lead up.

You’ve been called the “Queen of Quirk”. Do you think you are quirky in real life or do you save it all up for the stage?
Most of my friends describe me as pretty quirky, I guess if I think about it , I’d have to agree, I’ve lived a pretty strange and enjoyable life so far.

As many of us begin to be let down by our bodies as we get older, I can’t help but wonder: does contorting become more difficult the more you do it, or easier as your body becomes more and more accustomed?
Some contortionists are born with elastic limbs and and stretchy joints, and there are some people who train really hard to achieve it. I think If you are born flexible , the chances are it doesn’t change too much as you get older.

I always think contortionists must be in pain – it makes me squirm. Are you, at all?
I think you’d have to be crazy to do anything that hurts, but i do like to see people squirm, they hurt more than me.

What do you think you would be if you were not a contortionist / physical comedian?
I’d be a rapper, or a writer.

You’ve captivated audiences around the world for years. Are there any particular places / people or memories that stand out in your mind?
I love watching people, I find them really amusing. I love cultural differences and other cultures in general, I enjoy their quirks. I feel so lucky to have spent my life entertaining people when they are celebrating so i get to see how they like to enjoy themselves mostly, and that’s entertaining .

Do you have any heroes?
One of my heros is Leo Bassy – a political Italian clown

Did you always love performing and making people laugh as a kid?
Always, I still do!

You can catch Ruby Rubberlegs performing at Buskers by the Creek, Winders Park Currumbin on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 October 2016. The full event program will be available on the website closer to the date.

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