New Video Premiere: Sally Sa’s Hourglass

Sally Sa Goes Ska with new single ‘Hourglass’

Singer/songwriter Sally Sa explores her musical boundaries even further with latest single ‘Hourglass’, which will be released 23 August.

By expanding on her husky and soulful sounds and capturing her love of ska music in ‘Hourglass’, Sally has once again combined her rich array of musical flavours, with the Mistress of soul and preacher of hip hop infusing jazz, soul and ska into her new release that showcases yet another side to her talent.

‘Hourglass’ is “more lively, a get-up and dance song, more upbeat and rootsy”, she explains. “This track is about becoming everything we want to be, which seems to be a theme amongst songs of mine at the moment. The world has a funny way of putting us in the boxes that suits others perspective of us! Even down to how this song came about.”

Utilising Gold Coast identity Benny D Williams to mix, Paul Blakely to master and Glenn Bloomfield to play all instruments, Sally has assembled a strong team that understands her passion for music and need to diversify.

“It makes sense that I sing jazz right and this song was originally written to a swing beat,” she continues, “but as we played with it (especially live) it developed into this beautiful reflection of ska, which clearly has a big piece of my soul.”

“The making of this video was a hilarious one to say the least! With so much preparation gone into it & one of these days where nothing seemed to go right at all! But damn we had some fun!  Featuring my guitarist who has co-written all my music for the upcoming album, plus my brother, who is also a musician, Hourglass was filmed at my own venue Tugun’s Caracara Tequila Bar”.


Check out the video for ‘Hourglass’ below

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