Salvadarlings | Soda (EP)

The Salvadarlings latest EP Soda is a very assured effort for such a young band and has me keenly looking forward to future releases. After really enjoying their live show I was hoping that energy would translate to their recorded material and I was not disappointed. Interesting use of odd little sounds and samples gives the music a cool, quirky edge, drawing us down the garden path and off into their own little world.

That mix of dream-pop-psychedelia is by no means new but the Salvadarlings’ spin on it produces an intoxicating flavour all their own without ever sounding derivative.

While all of the tracks have a trippy edge to them they are underpinned by a “tight as” rhythm section producing some serious grooves guaranteed to cause many cases of involuntary booty shaking or head bobbing.

Musical succubus, Ash Goodall’s “willow the wisp” style vocals weave in and around the music almost acting as another instrument and are the perfect match for the tunes, like hot chocolate sauce on an already yummy sundae.

In short, it’s a fun, dreamy bunch of tunes perfect for a lazy day in a sunny spot with a few friends and a refreshing elixir or six.

The only problem for me was that there is only six tracks, that’s only one per elixir!! My advice, play then repeat and keep a lookout for future live shows.

Good vibes be with you all.

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