San Mei: Moving forwards

San Mei is the latest musical talent to rise out of the Gold Coast and is quietly sending ripples through the music industry with new single Rewind, which has just been added to spot rotation on Triple J as well as becoming a featured submission for the Queensland Music Awards. We were intrigued to find out where she has been hiding all these years and why we hadn’t heard of her before.

How long have you been playing music for?

I have played in a couple of bands, Adam and Dusty which was a Brisbane folk band and I played in a band in Canada which was really fun, but I only really started my San Mei project in 2012.  I released a couple of singles but I’ve been taking it slow, releasing a single here and there just to work on my sound and develop my own thing, to make sure that I was ready to go ahead do lots of shows, working behind the scenes on this project.

Are you self produced?

When I was younger I had some experience going into the studio and recording some demos, which helped me get my head around the processes and different terms and how efficient you need to be in the studio.  Now I really enjoy it, especially the last track I learnt a lot about being prepared before you go in and just getting the job done.  When I go into the studio the track is pretty much fully formed, I might do some pre production chats about this part be taken out or shorten this part, just nut it out and refine it.  I’ve done that with pretty much every track I’ve recorded.

What’s your musical background?

I learnt classical piano when I was little but it wasn’t til after high school age that I really got into music.  I played in church bands a lot and youth group plus making friends in the music scene that spurred me on and I realised I had a skill in song writing, which I only discovered once I gave it ago.  One of my really early songs Watch the Breezes they put on rotation on Unearthed for quite a while which was cool and really encouraging back then when I was first just putting stuff out. It was pretty unexpected but exciting.  

Who do you play with and when will you be releasing more music?

I play guitar and I have a lead guitarist who plays synth as well.  My hubby plays bass and I also have a drummer. I have an EP that I’m planning to record in the New Year for release maybe early/mid 2017.

You can watch San Mei’s new single on YouTube or below. IMAGE (c) Lamp Photography


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