Sara Storer’s Silo

Country Music Awards female artist of the year, Sara Storer, brings a silo of new songs with her signature country style to Broadbeach this year.  Tiffany Mitchell posed some quick questions before her July gig at the beachside country hoedown.

With the Gold Coast being miles away from the regions where your greatest fans follow you, will the Broadbeach Country Music Festival be an opportunity to play a particular set list to an audience listening to you for perhaps the first time? 

I’ll write a set list to suit everyone! There are certain songs that people love to hear that I always put in the set. There are some old songs that I know my older audience love to hear. But I love a chance to sing some new stuff… and songs that run with current issues … it will be a mix of old and new. I hope new listeners will enjoy the selection.

For many of us, when we hear the name Sara Storer, we visualise the Australian bush through your lyrics. They are authentic Australian images, with original ideas – not Americanised. How does your new album Silos capture the essence of what is important to you now, musically?  

Musically what’s important now is writing the best song I can and being better as a writer than my last album. Moving house from Darwin city to regional NSW, helps with rural themes and stories, but finding something new to write about can be challenging. Sometimes I think too hard about things and the writing becomes a big mess. Keeping things as simple as keeping it real works best for me. Writing about things/experiences around me is how I write. Each album is kind of a musical diary of my life and where I’m at.

The Silos album has a lulling instrumentation composed in each song.  A favourite track is Mascara & Song – in particular the lilting Celtic fiddle and the lyrics “I’m fighting back the fear, being real as I can be.” Is this a song about stage fright or writing succinct lyrics? 

This song is about the lead singer and the band member. Two girls and their thoughts, feeling and job. Yes… I guess it’s fear… and the worry of what people think. Keeping things real for me works. If I keep it real, I don’t have to pretend to be someone I’m not and can let my guard down.

The Broadbeach Country Music Festival will be your sole gig for the month of July. However, you are the epitome of a productive life; six studio albums, the 2016 ARIA Country Album of the year, swags of Golden Guitar Awards and mum to four boys.  Will you try and take some recreational leave while you are here? 

I wish … but no! I will have to get back to the boys asap. School, a busy husband and ten loads of washing will be waiting. I have a crazy August, so I had better behave myself and go straight home to get as many cuddles in before I hit the road again.

Broadbeach Country Music Festival is 28 – 30 July. More at

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