Ladies of the GC: Sarah Frank


When the name Sarah Frank is spoken, enthusiastic guffaws are offered for her performances. A collective awe leads the conversation. A remarkable talent and a uniquely balanced human. Not by fluke, but through work and constant self-evaluation.

Sarah can’t help but exude a humble depth of character. Her greatest personal achievement? “Independently releasing my debut solo album and subsequently committing myself to music”. Basically doing EVERYTHING and then taking a risk to do even more.

Sarah is breath of fresh air in an industry which suffers with often cosmetically enhanced, industry formulated pop-princesses. Where are all the healthy role models and what can be learned from them? “Nothing is more inspiring to me,” Sarah says, “than a talented woman who is living a life that she’s created from a dream that she had”

Is it time to rest then? The dream conquered? Of course not. Characters like this are always firing and moving toward something bigger and badder.

The next set of goals, personally and professionally?

“Personally? Choosing happiness every day and maintaining my yoga and meditation practices,” Sarah said.

“Professionally, I’m committed to an 18 month plan for my next solo album Liquid Soul with a label distribution goal. Also, I’m aiming to complete the current EP tour with my band Tuesday’s Good with new fans, friends, and happy memories.”

A hard act to follow and an impressive confidence in lifestyle choice to just do what feels right.

Her message to other young women of the GC? “If you want a break, take it. If you want to turn your priorities upside down, do it. I’m a blues musician, so I’m all about going with feelings”.

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