Album review: Saskwatch | Manual Override

Just a disclaimer before I begin – I bought this album with my hard-earned after seeing Saskwatch at Miami Marketta on 2 November. It was a great but not overly crowded gig, and the performance was enough to make me part with coin for some more vinyl for my collection. 

It was a great purchase, and in reverse logic, the album absolutely lives up to the band’s live performance. This album tos and fros from psychedelic soaring tunes to songs of love, melody, and ethereal flight.

The honey sweet and sticky vocals of Nkechi Anele foil off dirty guitar, grooving bass, rolling drums, and keyboard ambience. It is like a puzzle of many parts making a whole sound where those many parts can still be heard. You will want to dance, it is impossible not to. 

My favourite songs on the album have a little more kick; ‘Shrinking Violet’, ‘Gemini’, and the opening track, ‘December Nights’. But all the tracks have something different to offer making this a well-rounded and great listening album. Take a listen and you’ll be hooked too…. Also 100% check them out live – you will not be disappointed. 

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