Liam McGorry from Saskwatch caught up with Rabbit Radio’s Bree Garland when the band had only just returned from a UK tour. Bree asked what it was like being over there at the same time as so many other Australian bands.

“We just got back late last week so just been trying to adjust with the jetlag, but its good to be back,” Liam said. “It was funny running into the guys from Ball Park Music, having them coincidently seated right in front of us on the plane from Australia.”

“The beauty of a lot of the shows we did was that they were festivals like the Great Escape and Liverpool Sound City Festival, so we did a few shows where there were Australian bands like Bad Dreems and Remi. It was great to have a bit of familiarity when we were touring overseas,” Liam said. He said it was the third time the band had been to the UK but that Berlin was the highlight of the tour – a city they hadn’t visited before.

“There was an awesome music scene and it’s a really beautiful city so we were lucky to be able to go there as part of the tour,” he said. “Our shows in Berlin were definitely one of our best too.”

Fans of the band would know there have been some lineup changes recently, with Saskwatch taking on a six-piece format. Liam explains the band was going in a different direction of music and once there was some conflict it would have been hard to continue on together.

“It was sad news considering those guys (Sam, Ed, Nic and Will) were pretty much family and we’ve toured heaps with them in the past,” he said. “We didn’t really see it coming considering we did our new album together as a nine-piece and after doing the album and reflecting on it, it seemed apparent that the band was changing. It was definitely weird touring without them and not having them there.”

Liam went on to talk about the newest addition to the band, Sam “Storm” Raines. He said that Sam has been a friend for a long time and they went to university together.

“He’s a very proficient drummer having played in bands including The Bluebottles, Dorsal Fins and The Greasers so it’s exciting to have him on board,” Liam said. As well as the new band format, there’s a new style appearing in songs, with album Sorry I let it Come Between Us showcasing that new direction.

“It’s definitely been just a process of working at it, which has been going great at the moment,” Liam said when asked about that new sound. “Even though it’s different from Nose Dive, it’s definitely forming into something very interesting and special. I think that it’s definitely the formula for the future of Saskwatch.”

And he said the new pace of the album was a natural thing that came with the writing process.

“It started to allude to a slower pace at times,” he explained, “making it overall more suited to the instrumentation within the songs. It wasn’t anything too conscious, it just naturally evolved to suit the members of the band. It just kind of came out, to be honest.”

And he’s confident fans will get on board acknowledging that any change in life is confronting.

“I’d like to think that people would understand,” he said. “As a band you could just do the same thing every album but it would eventually get boring so the change is definitely a positive for the band.”

“The future is definitely going to be bright for Saskwatch,” Liam said.

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Saskwatch’s new album Sorry I let it Come Between Us is out now.

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