Selve: Snake of Light

Selve are a psychedelic art rock band based out of the Gold Coast and Brisbane. The band is formed of Indigenous lead singer/songwriter Loki Liddle and lead musical composer Harry Edwards (Elder Children). Together they create narrative driven alternative music inspired by the likes of Foals, Nick Cave and Tame Impala.

Lead singer Liddle defines their music as a genre-fluid band that integrates themes of Indigenous culture into current neo-psychedelic styles. Debut single ‘Snake Of Light’ is inspired by a prose novel written by Liddle, and follows a young descendent of the stolen generation travelling around the country in a beat up red corolla re-learning the old stories, coming into contact with the dreamtime and developing a connection to the living spirit of the land, a snake of light. Selve will be showcasing their debut single for their first outing as a band on their three date South East Queensland tour, which includes a special HOTA performance on 30 November.

We caught up with Loki to grab a quick Top Five ahead of Selve’s upcoming Gold Coast performance:

Favourite poems/poets

It’s pretty hard to say who my favourite poets are. I’m a really big fan of Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman. I picked up this old leather version of the book that is pressed on the cover with an illustration of the illustrious old bastard and used to carry it around with me a lot when I lived in Melbourne. It had a big impression on me. Over the last few years I’ve gotten pretty deep into Pablo Neruda, after spending some time in South America. He has a book called “Full Woman Hot Moon Fleshly Apple” which is the best. Especially sonnet XII. Look it up.

But other than that, I host poetry nights on the Gold Coast so a lot of my favourite poets are locals. The most dedicated poet I know goes by the name of Vincent Stead. He’s a proper Australian bard who lives and bleeds poetry, travelling up and down the coast hitting every single poetry night that there is. A true enigma that you could hunt down yourself by going to any poetry night in the Gold Coast or Northern Rivers.

Gold Coast artists

Well my favourite Gold Coast band would be the mischievous Dons of Donnie Love. They’re all beautiful kind fellows in person and they’ve really crafted out their style and sound and hold it down with a really open and connective performance. May the Dons live on. Also a lot of big love for the very handsome Jackson James Smith and Scotty Dalton. Lovely fellows, awesome musicians and kind locals who can be caught having a ‘Barra-Bowl’ down at Niche and Co. Last but not least Elder Children. Fantastic band and my partner in crime, they’ll be opening at all our upcoming sets.

Spots to hang out on the Gold Coast

Flat rock in Tugun is the spot of spots. Come to think of it I hardly stray from Tugun…unless i’m in Brisbane for band practice…other than that I literally just kind of turn into one of the big Tugun rocks and just stay put.

Gigs you’ve ever been to

I’m a big fan of the Foals. This year at Splendour I was on the barricade for their set and Yanis handed me the mic and let me finish the last lines of ‘What Went Down’. It was a pretty special moment, I’m almost certain he’s in love with me. It was blown up on the big stage screens so my friends from all around the amphitheatre got to witness the sheer glory. I was pretty chuffed. But I mean pshhh, not even a big deal, I didn’t even care when they posted a photo of it to the Foals official instagram…

Influences for Selve

Lyrically a lot of the upcoming ‘Snake of Light’ EP is centred around exploring my own definition of my Indigenous identity. Raised, as many are, without a cultural upbringing I find that it’s up to me to create my own dreaming and find a way to balance my contemporary influences with the influences in my blood and ancestry. So finding that balance is probably at the core of my practice.
That being said:
– Foals
– Pond
– Nick Cave
Would be some pretty big influences.

Catch this unique live performance, alongside supports Benny Nelson and Elder Children in the HOTA Basement on Saturday 30 November.

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