Senate deal a sigh of relief for Great Barrier Reef

National treasures like the Great Barrier Reef will remain unaffected for now following an agreement made between the Greens and other senators late September blocking Abbott’s ‘one-stop shop policy’.

The Palmer United Party has backed the Greens move to halt the government’s environmental handover plan in exchange for support to secure a senate inquiry into the Queensland government, which is now underway.

Senator Larissa Waters says the halt to the ‘one-stop shop policy’, alongside the inquiry, is a win-win for the Australian environment.

“We’re pleased that not only have we protected national environment protection from Tony Abbott’s one-stop shop but to have also secured an investigation into the environmental attacks of the Newman Government and the dodgy coal seam gas approvals of the Bligh Government,” Senator Waters says.

It has been a long process, but Senator Waters says this block prevents Australia from moving backwards in its environmental protection.

“After more than two years of fighting against handing federal governmental approval powers to the states, we can finally breathe a sigh of relief that our federal environment laws will remain safe from environmentally reckless state premiers,” Senator Waters says.

“We now have the numbers in the senate to protect our federal environment laws from Tony Abbott’s one-stop shop, which would have wound back environmental protection in Australia by more than 30 years.”


Photo: courtesy Lady Elliot Island


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