Sentimental sessions with HOLY HOLY

Holy Holy guitarist and frontman Tim Carroll was still riding a wave of glory on the back of the band’s European and UK tour when we spoke to him from Stockholm. That happened just months before Holy Holy’s debut album When the Storms Would Come was released and a cluster of national shows were announced as part of an upcoming tour.

That first international tour saw the band play 12 shows where they headlined their first UK show at the iconic venue The Old Blue Last and made their first appearance at one of Europe’s most recognised festivals Primavera.

Tim says Primavera is one of those festivals that everyone has to experience at least once in their life. Saying he was so inspired and enamoured by the entire thing that he almost felt he couldn’t leave.

“It was definitely a tour highlight, it was life changing, the atmosphere, the music and the crowds were just beautiful,” he said adding that h couldn’t wait to go back, so he stayed in Europe to soak it all up a little longer.

“Playing our very first headliner was also a huge privilege and we are all pretty stoked at the response we got. For our first time in the UK and Europe I think we definitely made a positive impact and we’ll definitely be going back,” Luke said.

Holy Holy’s songs have made a massive impact on the Australian music since their 2013 EP and they haven’t slowed down on song writing regardless of the distance between their members. Neither Tim nor lead guitarist Oscar, the core of the band, have ever lived in the same city, with Tim recently moving to Tasmania to work on music and be more hands-on in the development of his popular boutique festival PANAMA.

Tim says since moving in December he “was caught in the PANAMA festival vortex.”

“And then we were finishing off the record in Brisbane and then we were in Europe and I’m still here. It’s cool. We work it out. We email a fucking shit load and have the odd Skype and then we tour enough to get time to play and write on the road,” he said.

Newest single Sentimental and Monday is attracting well deserved attention after its release earlier this month and with the announcement that each pre-order of When The Storms Would Come comes an instant free download of this single along with killer tracks History and You Cannot Call For Love (Like a Dog). Sentimental and Monday is the opening track to the album and what a lush icebreaker it is. Reminding us of what it is we love about HOLY HOLY, it’s a warm and luscious song, featuring notorious guitar licks layered with perfectly melodic vocals. It’s the perfect invitation to a magnificent album which is speckled with perfectly timed and brazen guitar solos, subtly layered vocals paired with a fistful of rock and inspiring songwriting. This album is one of Australia’s best music releases of 2015 and the perfect following to the success of Holy Holy’s EP.

It doesn’t come easy of course. Succeeding in the music bizz takes a lot of hard work, dedication, song writing, patience and positivity to create an album like this.

Tim’s advice on their success and how they achieved their rising status is in creating a killer team of like-minded individuals who match up to your vision, philosophy and goals.

“There’s a misconception out there that musicians are lazy, late, disorganised stoners and while there are elements of that that can be true, in my experience people that do well are hardworking and inventive and they put everything into what they’re doing. So try and find the best possible people to work with, at every level, seek good advice and work hard at what you do,” Tim said.
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Holy Holy will hit elsewhere in Surfers Paradise on 21 August as part of their Australian tour. Limited (and signed) vinyl is available now and the album is also available on itunes.

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