Seriya’s Sound Healing

I’m a pretty busy business professional. Sometimes, like in the first week of February, I have a bit of a disaster which causes all kinds of stress. I tend to hold onto stress too, bottling it up in my chest, causing shallow breathing, furious paced thoughts and sleepless nights. You get the idea – a pretty standard week in today’s corporate style of life.

I was discussing the challenges I was facing at the desk during this particular week with a friend, Seriya of Akshaya Healing and she mentioned I should try one of her sound healing sessions. Designed to quieten even the busiest mind and help the person who finds it most difficult to meditate, I found myself compelled to give it a try. It’s interesting too that the meditation techniques used are quite simple, making them easy to replicate back at home. So I agreed to try it, lay down on her yoga mat and this was my journey.

The healing started with Seriya playing the Tambura, a traditional Indian drone instrument, and chanting an ancient, powerful Sanskrit gayatri mantra. Once my mind started to stop being curious and noticing how cool it all was, I pretty quickly started relaxing. Perfect timing too as this is when Seriya’s guided meditation began.

The guided meditation element of the session took me to a state of body relaxation, checking through all my body parts, feeling where I am tense and letting it go. Breathing… Letting go… As always when I do this type of release exercise, I was really surprised at how much tension I was holding in my jaw, breathe… let it go… and how nice it felt to relax, once I had released it all.

As I drifted down to that wonderful place just between sleep and wakefulness, the crystal bowls started to sing. It didn’t seem like I was listening to the song of the bowls though, rather I was feeling their vibrations, they were vibrating right in the centre of my mind, vibrating with their beautiful sounds out from my mind through my ears rather than the other way. Sometimes the vibrations see-sawed from left to right, reverberating from one side to the other, at other times they were just vibrating strongly throughout my entire mind.

As the music of the singing bowls continued I went deeper into a meditative trance. I noticed in the back of my mind how heavy my arms were, immovable just like the branches of a large tree. My entire body then seemed to attune into the vibrations of the crystal singing bowls, matching their pitch. Then for a short time the vibrations seemed to extend beyond my body, tuning in with something larger, something beyond my understanding… a vision of a tree connecting to the earth’s vibrations through its roots.

I start coming back out of this deep meditation as the crystal singing bowls transitioned into the music from tibetan bowls, a native american flute and a koshi element chime. Coming out of the meditation and finishing and then back to the office, I found myself walking lighter. That’s the only way I can explain it. The higher vibrations of the session stayed with me at least for the rest of the day. Work, then back home to three young, noisy children – it all just floated by all as on a mild breeze.

I’m sure there is so much more to this type of meditation than I understand. I’ll definitely be going back again when the opportunity presents. Seriya offers these sessions through her website and also runs group sound healing each full moon on the Gold Coast at Nobby’s point. I think I’ll attend that one too – if I can get the kids to bed early enough.

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