Seth Sentry’s Strange New Past

Seth Sentry has built himself a reputation to be something of a mysterious recluse, hiding from the limelight between each of his releases, quietly working away in the dark corners of Aussie hip-hop.

“Dropping off the grid is always fun…I just like rapping, I like writing music, I don’t like any of the other fame shit that comes along with it. I just like making music,” he told Blank GC’s Locke Fitzpatrick.

Finally, after a three year wait from his last album, This Was Tomorrow, Seth is stepping back into the spotlight with the release of his second studio album Strange New Past due 5 June.

“I just wanted to make something that felt like a classic rap album. Try and replicate that feeling I used to get when I listened to rap back in the 90’s; that real nostalgia feel but also make it sound kind of contemporary if that makes sense,” he said.

Singles Hell Boy and Run have already hit the airwaves, receiving considerable airplay from Triple J.



The album is potent with the same storytelling raps Seth is famous for; mixed in with old school hip-hop beats that carry a modern twist and brutally honest lyrics.

“I wanted to make something a little more serious and honest than the last album and darker, that was the first idea but once we started making the beat I just went with it. Whatever my first instinct for a topic was on the beat I just went with that, I didn’t over-think that side of it.”

Tackling this new album head on, start to finish was something new for Seth as well.

“It was the first time I have written so many songs over such a short period of time,” he said. “Like the last album was written really over a ten year period so they were kind of random, but this time every song was written within 18 months so every song connects in that way which I think is kind of cool.’

The upcoming tour for Strange New Past is absolutely huge. It kicks off on 11 June and will keep Seth away from the comfort of his own bed for three months as he bounces around the country to play a massive 45 shows.

“I’m excited about playing a bunch of new songs and getting out to the regional towns. It’s definitely going to take it out of me though,” he said. “It is kind of cool at the same time though because it really feels like I am getting my hands dirty with this one, really doing some serious work it’s very exciting.”

Strange New Past is without a doubt the biggest project Seth has undertaken so far in his career. Seth’s tour will hit the Gold Coast on Sunday 21 June where he will be playing at the Coolangatta Hotel, make sure you cop the album before then though as it goes on sale 5 June.

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Seth Sentry | Coolangatta Hotel
Sunday 21 June

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