Sharks’ Platform for up and coming musicians

Five of the Gold Coast’s most talented up-and-coming acts have been handpicked to perform at a unique event hosted by Southport Sharks.

Get ready to be graced by the breathtaking solo music of Gabrielle Lambe and the captivating Scott Dalton, rocked to your bones by the loose and loud Dirty Frank, ignited by the dance merchants Mighty Psylis, and taken on an electronic journey around the globe with Free the Genie.

Platform – Hosted by MoonZoo Entertainment will take place on Friday 24 July from 7.30pm and entry is free.

We already know Southport Sharks is passionate about supporting local music, which is why they threw their weight behind the Gold Coast Music Awards. Now it’s your turn to do the same and support some of the world class talent that is emerging right here in our very own backyard.

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24 July | Platform: Gabrielle Lambe + Scott Dalton + Dirty Frank + Mighty Psylis + Free the Genie, Southport Sharks, corner of Musgrave and Olsen Avenues in Southport.


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