Sheppard Member Herding in the Reviews 

He’s spent four years touring the world as a key songwriter and guitarist in Australia’s favourite ARIA-winning indie pop act Sheppard, but behind the scenes, Jay Bovino has become more than just one of the world’s most sought-after musical collaborators. Blank GC’s Eden Tokatly caught up with him to discuss the new global smash of his own, Get You Alone.

Jay co-wrote Geronimo which went #1 in over 20 countries across the world.

“I still don’t think I’ve comprehended that and it hasn’t really sunk in. We’ve had the last six months off and I guess we’ve started to think about what we’ve done in the last five years. It’s been a whirlwind of a journey.”

Jay talks about his concerns to repeat the success; “I think we were feeling the pressures at the start of the year when we started writing this album, naturally. Just subconsciously it was sort of always there anytime we’d write a song, but once we had gotten into the studio and just wrote a whole bunch that feeling started to dissipate.”

Two Brisbane siblings, Amy and George Sheppard, began collaborating on tunes together in 2009. Today, Sheppard are a six piece indie-pop band who encountered phenomenal success last year, “There are 3 songwriters in the group, myself George and Amy and it’s pretty collaborative, one of us might start a song and pitch it to the other two and it’ll all be from there.”

Jay’s solo material sees him in the production driver’s seat for the first time, mixing EDM and pop to create a sound equally at home on the dance floor and the airwaves.

“I’ve always been interested in exploring different genres and I guess electronic music being the future of music. It’s always been something I wanted to explore and I think there is just no boundaries really.”

Get You Alone features a stunning vocal performance from Sunshine Coast’s Sahara Beck, who’s performed at countless festivals including Bluesfest, Queenscliff and BIGSOUND.

“I saw her play live a couple of days after writing the song and knew immediately that she’d be perfect for the track, from the moment she got in the studio and played down the vocals, it was just perfect,” he said.

Sahara also endeavored something new, stepping away from her folky tones.“She wanted to explore different territories as well. I think that’s what excited her, that it was so different from what she would normally do,” explains Jay.

“I started writing it on tour in Mexico at the end of last year, so I got about half way through it and then finished it in Brisbane in January.”

Jay talks about the difference between the Australian music industry and internationally.

“I think in Australia its very much either straight pop or super alternative, there is no real in between but overseas there is a lot more platforms for your music to move on. You kind of have to shape your music to fit on Triple J or commercial radio.”

The lyrics of Get You Alone hit home with a generation hellbent on living and loving in the moment.

“It was originally intended to come from the male perspective but I thought it would be cool to switch it up”

Beck’s serene vocals harmoniously compliment Jay’s rhythmic style.

“It shows that both genders are both interested in that sort of lifestyle. It’s not just the males, but rather new age thinking.”

Finally Jay discusses the upcoming Sheppard album. “We are about to start recording the next Sheppard album. Its going to be fun actually, we’re trying to push the boundaries a bit more. Tune in on what our sound is and what message we want to put out there. I think we’re all sort of really been to get back out there and show the world some more music”

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Get You Alone is out now.


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