She’s no fence-sitter: Ella Fence

A Gold Coast girl through and through – studying at Robina SS, Varsity College, Griffith and Bond University, she’s a soulful and spirited acoustic-folk musician. She’s also just confirmed that she’ll be heading to the UK this August to record her debut EP at Brighton Electric with Dan Swift. Samantha Morris hung 5 with Ella Fence.


What’s the biggest challenge you’ve overcome on your path to being a musician?

Staying true to myself and not conforming to expectations or limitations.


It’s tough to get up on stage and entertain when you’ve had a tough day. How do you stay motivated and energised as an artist? 

Music to me is about a sense of community and building a connection with people, presenting an environment and energy that is relatable. My motivational trick is to think about the people in the room and the way they are feeling and the unique experience they deserve.


Is songwriting a conscious process for you, or is it more situational? 

Being a songwriter is like being a lightening rod – you are channeling the energies around you – sometimes it’s storming and you have a lot to work with, and sometimes it’s not – but there is always energy, you just need to keep your heart open and let the creativity pour into you.


What do you miss most about the GC when you’re on the road? 

The Gold Coast has a unique, vibrant energy that is unlike anywhere else I’ve travelled. It has warmth, it has colour, it resonates with my truest sense of self. I am also so lucky to have such a supportive and selfless mum and friendship circle who I miss dearly when I’m away.


What’s one piece of advice you’d give your future 60 year old self? 

I would like to thank my future self for following her passion, staying true to herself and always choosing love.  Advice? Wear that red lipstick you used to love.

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