Shock Me. Lecia Louise launches new single and video

Perhaps better known (on the Gold Coast, anyway) as one half of duo Lani and Lecia and fresh from a break playing guitar due to injury, Lecia Louise is back.

2014-15 saw Lecia tour through UK, Europe, Hong Kong and Australia and her single Individual reached #1 on Triple J Unearthed charts in 2015. Now she has a new single and EP Per Te, to share with local audiences.

Samantha Morris asked Lecia to share her musical history in just a few words.

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“I finished the Bachelor of Popular Music eleven years ago, performed overseas – Dubai, America, Hong Kong, other places, released an EP, ablum and a couple of singles, and now I have a new EP,” she said. “I’ve also been teaching private guitar and bass lessons and sometimes music in schools as well.”


“I also recorded an EP and DVD with Lani as well,” she said adding that Lani needed a break after such an intense time of touring. “Next month we’re playing at Heron Island together. That’s the first time in over a year.”

Lecia started writing her new single Shock Me when she lived here on the Gold Coast and when we spoke, she’d just finished shooting the clip in Brisbane. Gold Coast features in the video as well.


WATCH: Lecia’s new video for Shock Me, then read on.


“The lyrics are about a man who gets rid of his current girlfriend for a younger, updated model,” Lecia told Blank GC. “But I wanted it to be drivey and rocky and wanted the guitar solo to be longer than pop solo. Then I finished recording it with Geoff Lovejoy in Brisbane. He’s worked with Powderfinger amongst others.”

Lecia stopped playing music for years as a result of RSI in both arms. That meant that this EP was eight years in the making – it was put on hold until she could manage. “I finished the songs in pain,” she explained. “I couldn’t brush my teeth, put pants on… for a long time.”

“Nothing fixed it overnight. I changed my setup from recording stuff and had a break. I had a lot of injections – blood injections, 80 sessions of acupuncture, years of physio, other specialists, other strange doctors.”

“But after a while, I wanted to get back to playing music even though I was in pain. I had great musicians around me who I didn’t want to miss out on playing with… and the duo with Lani was a great segue to picking up guitar again.”

During Lecia’s recovery, she made good use of time playing fulltime in a world band in London and performing in Hong Kong and Italy as well as scoring teaching gigs along the way. In Spain she also took the opportunity to take some guitar lessons.

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Lecia launches Shock Me on the Gold Coast this weekend (27 February) at La Piazza and also has a show at Morrison Hotel, Brisbane on 5 March. More info on where to get the track and EP can be found at

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