Short film festival to raise funds for cancer treatment of Gold Coast film educator

‘Shorts for Jed’ at HOTA will raise money so Australian film industry favourite Jed Cahill can go overseas to treat a rare form of brain cancer.

Local Gold Coast film identity, Jed Cahill was recently diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer – GBM Grade 4. Jed’s prognosis is terminal unless he can get treatment overseas. Jed is easily Queensland’s most selfless film educator, having devoted his adult life to helping educate young film makers. For the last seven years Jed has taught film making at TAFE.

To help raise money for Jed a Short Film festival called Shorts For Jed will be held at HOTA on the Gold Coast on Saturday 5 June at 6pm.  Shorts for Jed is an eclectic mix of unseen short films including dramas, documentaries and comedies source. Sixteen award-winning shorts films will run from a couple of minutes to a quarter of an hour and rated PG to MA.  Tickets are $29.50 and will be available through HOTA.  A charity auction will also be put together on the night in the hope to raise the much-needed funds to get Jed his treatment.

For 15 years, Jed has personally run the Queensland Touring Film Festival which involves him driving his van thousands of kilometres into the Queensland outback to educate budding film makers on all aspects of film production. For the past 20 years Jed has held the iconic In the Bin film Festival, an outdoor short-film festival that attracts thousands every year. In the tight-knit Australian film industry, Jed is widely known and acknowledged for his grass-roots efforts, which is why he calls bold-typeface names like Jack Thompson, Samuel Johnson, Ivan Sen, Bruce Beresford and Kate Leopold proud supporters.

Jed’s enthusiasm for teaching film and bringing films to the public is altruistic, rare and greatly valued within the industry. He is a very well-know and well-liked member of the Gold Coast community and an amazing film maker in his own right.

Jed’s has been given 12 months to live. There is established treatment which can extend his life. However it is only available overseas. The cost for the treatment is extraordinarily high and will take up to seven months to administer, during all of which he must reside overseas. Jed is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment and will then need to get vaccinated and then make his way overseas. Jed is 42-years-old and married with three young children.

Tickets for Shorts For Jed film night are $29.50 and can be purchased through the HOTA website.

In addition to the short film festival fundraiser, friends have organised a Go Fund Me Page where people can donate called Jed’s German Treatment, which has so far raised around $80,000. The trip and treatment will cost about $200,000.

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