Shrine to psych + garage rock at Currumbin Creek Tavern

One of Brisbane’s excellent psych garage rock outfits, Sacred Shrines first emerged from self-imposed exile in March 2014 to launch their debut 7″at The Old Museum in Brisbane.
Since that time they’ve shared the stage with the likes of Dreamtime, Ride Into The Sun and even The Dandy Warhols.
Now they’re taking that big ‘ol highway south to the GC to give us a taste their latest single The Badge and the Gun before heading back underground to finish their debut album.  We spoke to singer / guitar weirder Dorian Shrines ahead of their show playing alongside some other stellar psych talent at Currumbin Creek Tavern.
Watch Sacred Shrines here:

With a genre like garage psych, must come an eclectic mix of influences. What did you listen to growing up? What did your parents listen to?
We’re definitely from a range of backgrounds, but as a kid I was exposed to everything from Bob Dylan to The Beatles and right through to some weird cult gospel music.  My brothers turned me onto a lot of cool music, but my parents listened to a lot of country and gospel.
For your GC gig, you’ve pulled together a lineup that has that psych as an undercurrent through their music. We know the scene is large here on the GC, what’s the psych scene like in Brisbane?
This is our first trip to the Gold Coast so I’m not sure what things are like down there, except that I’ve noticed that there are some great sounds coming from the coast.  Brisbane has a pretty healthy psych scene, so it’s a good place to be for us at the moment.
What’s one piece of advice you’d give your 18yo self?
One piece of advice you’d give your 80yo self?
Without sounding morbid, I’m not counting on being here that long…
You get to tour the world as support for any band. Who do you choose?
Current…  Probably Brian Jonestown Massacre.  Past… Probably The Doors.
What’s the one question you were hoping I’d ask you?
What did you dream last night?
What’s the greatest psych band of all time?
Hard to say.  I’d probably say the 13th Floor Elevators cause they were there from pretty much the start keeping it weird!
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Sacred Shrines + Yes Sir NoceurWhite Lodge + Hypnotic Bedrooms hit Currumbin Creek Tavern Friday 12 June 2015


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