Sian Bressolles: no black sheep

From master chef to local treasure, Sian Bressolles is Owner / Chef at Black Sheep Bistro in Oxenford, and has been blessed with fame in her career. Fronting kitchens such as The Jephson Hotel, the Saville (Mantra), Mao Mao and Stone, her impressive resumé includes groundbreaking positions, her career highlights covered in The Courier Mail, The Australian and Gourmet Traveller.

“I trained and qualified as both a chef and pastry chef in New Zealand before coming to Australia 16 years ago. I’ve had a diverse career with many milestones: first female Executive Chef in Brisbane; part of the start up crew at Versace, first Chef de Cuisine at Vie…It was time for me to go out on my own.”

How did you come to be an advocate of ‘nose-to-tail’ dining, and what does the term mean?

“Dad was a commercial fisherman. Growing up on a farm, you realise how much effort, how much tending it takes to grow even one lettuce; you’re a lot less inclined to waste food.

‘Nose to tail’ is about sustainability and less waste. When you buy a half beast, there are secondary cuts. Nose to tail dining uses those cuts in homage to the beast that gave up its life to feed you. It’s respect for the farmers, growers, fishermen, and horticulturalists whose food I’m using in my restaurant.”

Why come back to the Coast?

“I never really left! Even when I worked in Brisbane, I lived here! You come up to a certain level and then you think, ‘I’m putting all this love and effort into my food, and what is it for?’ You never see the results.

Oxenford is all about locals. There’s a real rapport between myself as chef and restaurant diners. You’re giving people their meal personally, and you get their appreciation back. They even clear their table and bring their dishes up! It’s so cute! There’s a real sense of community in Oxenford. I love it here!”

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