Siblings Leave A Lasting Impression

Lastlings are brother and sister duo best prices on cialis Joshua and Amy Dowdle. Hailing from right here on the Gold Coast, they’re making serious waves, despite the fact that Amy is still in viagra price online High School.

Their third single Chills was released in November and their two previous singles Verona and Wavelength were picked up by Triple J without any publicity team behind propecia w/o perscription them. And even bigger things are on the horizon with the debut EP Unreality due for release early in 2016. Doris Prodanovic spoke to the pair ahead of that release.

_ _ _ _

Where do you get your inspiration from when writing?

Our lyric writing is fairly collaborative, one of us will have something already written and then we vibe off cialis on sale each other, try and finish the song, tweak it until we like it. We try to draw inspiration from other artists but at the same time try and stay true to order cialis online our own musical backgrounds and create something original to us. We do live in a beautiful place, however, so it’s easy to be inspired by what’s surrounding us.

If you could work alongside any artist who would it be and why?

We’ve worked on a couple of collaborations already that we really enjoyed. I think at the moment because we are only very fresh it will be good to establish our sound a bit more before working with other artists. Although, we do have a long list of artists and producers we’d love to work with. It would be amazing to tour with people like Alt-J or Purity Ring in the future they are both bands that we absolutely love, but we still have a lot of work to do.

You have over 200,000 plays on your Soundcloud, how do you think the internet and other platforms are changing the way people put their music out there?

It’s insane. Our first two tracks we just uploaded to our Soundcloud and let the internet do the rest. From just a couple of blogs picking up on it, they were reposted and the plays started working into the 10K and 100K ranges, we were already excited on getting like 1000 plays haha.

How did you feel when Verona and Wavelength were featured on Triple J Unearthed?

We love Unearthed. It’s great for emerging artists and we’ve gotten a lot of support from them putting us on rotation, putting us in the Unearthed High Yearbook and what not. When they got triple J play we sat in the car as a family and listened. Tt was pretty cute.

What made you decide to form as a brother-sister duo and how do you make it work?

Josh always played in band and did solo cafe stuff and we normally played separately. We’ve always had similar interests in music, I used to go onto his laptop and steal his music from iTunes. We were contemplating it for a little bit and would play here and there but never really thought about it seriously until this year. I dunno, we still fight about dumb things, but I guess we both want what’s best for each other so in that respect it works.

What can we expect to hear from your upcoming EP Unreality?

The Unreality//EP is kind of like the first chapter to Lastlings and a summary of the first three to four months of working on music. It was great working with our friend GOVS, another local artist; we hung a lot, skated, ate plenty of Sizzler. We put it together really quickly and some of the singles are already released, but we thought it was a chance to revisit where it began. It’s also a good summary for people only just discovering us and we hope to make many more.

In five words, what will 2016 entail for Lastlings

Evolving, progressing, producing more music.

_ _ _

Lastlings’ debut EP Unreality is due early in 2016.

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