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Electrik Lemonade are a brass and funk-fuelled ensemble with a difference. Most Gold Coast music-lovers will have witnessed their live show in person. Between being regulars at a bunch of local; community outdoor events, performing instore at beatniks, opening a Brisbane Broncos home game, hitting the main stage for both the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games and the Gold Coast Music Awards, touring to north Queensland and Western Australia and then showcasing at BIGSOUND, they’ve built an enormous following and worked hard to hone their craft.

Their music is a cacophony of exotic and addictive beats. Catchy lyrics and sing-along choruses are met head-on with horns and an electric stage presence that draws thousands of people in. It’s highly unlikely you’ll leave an Electrik Lemonade gig without at the bare minimum swaying your hips, but truth be told, you’ll more than likely be jumping up and down like a maniac, alongside hundreds of new friends.

You can imagine our delight, then, when we heard Electrik Lemonade’s new track ‘Sing With Me’. We all know how hard it can be to capture the energy of a live performance and wrap it up in a 4-minute studio production. But that’s exactly what Electrik Lemonade have done, with the help of Rocking Horse Recording Studio and Brad Hosking (trumpet) behind the steering wheel as producer.

Perhaps Biggie Morton (drums) sums it up best when he says, “we take our live performance experience into the studio and bring the best ears in the business to curate and guide our creative whim.”

But the proof is in the pudding right? And when you listen to ‘Sing With Me’ you’ll hear exactly why Electrik Lemonade is fast making a name for itself as one of Australia’s best live bands. The track begins with a rhythm that could be straight out of 1970s disco, but when you throw in some funk and hip-hop as well as synth and guitar solos plus anthemic vocals in the chorus, you’re left with an intoxicating but cleverly layered piece of aural joy.

“We’ve had three sessions in total at Rocking Horse Studios and about four days each time,” said Jakey D (lead guitar) about their recording process.

“That place is world class! Not only do you get this five-star, six-bedroom home that sleeps us all comfortably and a massive kitchen for epic feasts but the amazing studio is only a matter of steps away from the house.”

“When you sit in that room for six to ten hours straight and time slips away as you track songs we really start to solidify parts and that’s when the magic happens,” said Jakey.

He said capturing that live sound is tricky and something they’ve struggled to do – until now.

“People always say we sound better live than our CDs,” he said, “which is a compliment in itself.”

“If we could somehow capture our dance moves in audio form we’d be laughing.”

“So we decided to spend a bucket load on a top notch studio, spread out and recording all together to capture that vibe, spending hours deconstructing each and every segment of every track on the record and really solidifying parts on the fly. We really managed to get ‘that sound’ we have been chasing throughout our journey as a band,” Jakey said.

“Plus lots of beer and plenty of dancing while workshopping and recording the tunes… nothing that you wouldn’t see on stage at any of our gigs,” added Biggie Norton.

Barney Trub (vox) says the song pretty much covers every life-affirming cliché that anyone ever applied to music.

“Positivity, spreading the love, living life with no regrets, it all fits the vibe,” he said.  “Where it separates itself from the rest all lies in the hit of that play button. As soon as that bass line hits you, there’s an uncontrollable and undeniable need to dance.”

And if you’ve been to one of Electrik Lemonade’s live gigs, you’ll be familiar with the song, which is unequivocally a crowd favourite. And getting the crowd up on their feet is something that genuinely drives the band.

Listen to ‘Sing With Me’ by Electrik Lemonade now:

“Sing with me is a life affirming party anthem that harkens to the bygone era of permed hair and platform shoes with a fresh injection of modern attitude,” said Sammy P (bass).

“Making a connection with the crowd is why we do what we do,” Funky G (keys) added. “Watching the music you have created cause people to dance and sing along is the ultimate feeling.”

There’ve been many highlights for Electik Lemonade over the past year, but they say that performing at BIGSOUND was a surreal experience.

“We gave it everything we had in the short 20-minute set and we made some rather important networks and met some big music heads in the business.” Said Jakey. “It’s an overwhelming compliment and privilege to be asked to perform at such an event. Nerves and spirits were high on stage as we realised the gravity of the opportunity.”

“Apparently Dave Grohl’s mum was at the Gold Coast Showcase performances which is pretty cool! Hopefully she goes home and tells Dave about Electrik Lemonade because we all know everyone listens to their mum.”

Barney agrees.

“We’ve had the luxury of calling the Gold Coast home since the band started and as the years go by we’ve made so many amazing fans and friends,” he said.

“To have the scene that we love and call home ask us to represent them at an amazing festival like BIGSOUND was really special.”

While the band has set their sights on breaking the international touring scene, they’re also realistic about what that means. “By saying that, I mean New Zealand or Bali… somewhere definitely with cheap Jetstar flights because there’s eight of us and just getting to Perth is super exy,” said Jakey.

They’ll also release an album early in 2019, head out on another national tour and hit up some big festivals. But while you wait for that, they’ve got some local shows on the horizon, including Jungle Love, Byron Beach Hotel, Airlie Festival of Music and some Gold Coast gigs. There’s no question they love their local fans. And the feeling is mutual.

“We meet amazing people with amazing stories at every show but our local gigs are the most inspirational because the Gold Coast is a host to such vibrant culture,” said Biggie Morton. “It’s really gratifying when The Electrik People come to dance and get down with us which in turn, motivates us to give everything we’ve got on stage. It’s a privilege to be able to connect to so many of our fans through the music and learn through their experiences and stories. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing a familiar face pop up in the crowd at a show.”

Funky G also laid down the gratitude for Gold Coast fans of their music.

“The beautiful home team crowd,” he said. “These are the people that we couldn’t have done any of this without… from our friends and family to our Electrik People they are all incredibly important.”

“The family-friendly gigs on the Gold Coast are especially excellent because we get to see all walks of life getting down to the funky sound. Thanks to the crowds of kids I have learned how to floss too, hahaha,” he said.
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Electrik Lemomade’s new track ‘Sing with Me’, premiered by Blank Gold Coast is out now. You can catch them live:

8 – 11 November, Airlie Beach Music Festival

18 November, Hoey Moey, Coffs Harbor

24 November, Great Keppel Island

30 November, Jungle Love Festival

7 December, Byron Bay Beach Hotel

9 December, Palmy Sunday Sesh

18 January, NightQuarter, Helensvale


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