Single Review: Amela | Aeroplane

Amela, a local GC lady, blessing audiences all around the place just dropped her single Aeroplane and recently released her film clip for the track, working with animator David Blackwell.

Following the much loved debut EP Not Enough Honey, Amela once again provides a beautifully crafted piece of music with a catchy and uplifting chorus that is bound to make you smile and sing along.

Amela killed it on the Youtube scene a few years back with 25,000 views on a clip and has been gigging around the country since. What a voice she has; Aeroplane is such a sweet catchy tune where you can bop your head and dance in the afternoon sun.

Something I really enjoyed about this track is the self-harmonising. Josh Pyke does it a lot and I just think it sounds so lovely. Amela has such great tone and really moulds her music well, together with easy listening guitar and her acoustically driven lyrics.

Definite influences that I recognise are female artists, Feist and Ainslie Wills (who has been working with #1 Dads recently). I love hearing young female artists killing it, and this lady is definitely doing this. Just like the video clip, it’s a perfect song to listen to riding your bike leisurely down the road.


Keep an eye and ear out for Amela this year and check out her website for more music:

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