Single Review: Aquila Young | Crimson Criminal

We first heard of the unique Aquila Young in 2015 after her first single Vagabond blew up both Triple J and Triple J Unearthed airwaves. Her EP that followed further clarified the talent this local lady has and gained her some much deserved attention from some bigger fish in the industry such as Dom Alessio and one of Australia’s leading online magazines Society Of Sound. Now, a year later, Young has released, Crimson Criminal, bursting with honest lyrics, raw vocals and brooding production.

The song starts slow and draws you in with a steady rhythm from delicate synths and echoing riffs. The vocals then capture the audience as they ooze pain and longing with harmonies that allow added emotion. As the song continues on, the beat becomes more and more prominent driving the song and injecting it with intensity, adding to the brooding feel The chorus explodes with whispering but strong vocals that coincide perfectly with the electronic beat that carries the story of the song.

The lyrics tell a story of a toxic love allowing listeners to relate and grieve along, but they are also just left field enough that it doesn’t turn into a pop anthem. Lines like ‘I paid the price to be tasting the fumes’ and ‘How you pull me in/How you sense my skin/How you get me off’ adding raw emotion into the song and giving listeners a taste of what is brewing inside her mind.

It’s a mature and eclectic second single for Aquila Young and it really showcases how much a year can make an artist grow. It’s just different enough to make you stop and listen and wonder where she’s going to take her music next.


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