Single Review: Baltimore Gun Club | Goumar

I’ve never visited a gun club. Guns have never really appealed to me. But when they told me the new Baltimore Gun Club single was up for review, I thought I’d chance a look after their release Apollo made the news at the 2016 Gold Coast Music Awards as a finalist for video of the year. That little ditty fed my closet love of comic book fantasy just nicely.

I’m also a sucker for a muddy harmonica. Appropriately opening the latest album, Goumar lays down a little of this harmonica in a great intro to the song and adds to it thumping drums and driving tempo. And just in case you aren’t sure what the name of the song is, like diligent young fellows the Gun Club state it up front with attitude…. Go-Maaaarrrr!

The track gives me flashbacks of Foo Fighters, turned up loud in the car, although its dirtier tone keeps it from sounding too commercial and I get the feeling the Gun Club of Baltimore like it that way. There’s even a punchy cowbell and what sounds like a hand clap to get your head moving. I found myself nodding in time and tapping the table as I listened.

Just when you think there might be a moment of reprieve from the momentum, the song delves into a little axe grinding interlude, slowing the speed down in anthemic fashion while letting Psymon’s lead guitar tell us a bedtime story. Very nice, gentlemen.

Entertaining a love of the Gun Club certainly suited my mood this week and Goumar got me keen to listen to the rest of the album to see what it had to offer. If you like your rock, this track might just be a compelling invitation to join the boys for Wallapalooza, Saturday 17 September, at Brisbane’s Backroom on Friday 23 September or 4ZZZ’s all-ages free carpark gig on Saturday 24 September.

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