Single review: Deadalive | Jaguar Jonze

Brisbane artist and musician Jaguar Jonze – the moniker for Deena Lynch – is a creative force to be reckoned with.

Having emerged from her COVID-19 chrysalis, the fierce and enigmatic visionary has returned with her latest musical offering ‘Deadalive’, which is accompanied by a music video she co-directed with Ribal Hosn.

The first part of the track was written amidst the COVID-19 pandemic when the band was stuck in their New York apartment during their first US tour, and reflects on the intense, uncertain and restrictive situation the world was facing at the time.

Deena said “It was like we were neither dead or alive, we were very much alive and breathing, but having to stay within four walls, not go out, have what we were used to taken from us and having restrictions in place of them.”

Deena finished writing the remainder of the track whilst in hospital battling COVID-19 herself, and the drama that intensified in the lyrics was reflective of the gripping isolation anxiety she felt being stuck in a room with no windows, the uncertainty of the future and what her healing would look like.

This fast and chaotic indie pop rock track injects new elements into the signature sounds we have come to know and love from Jaguar Jonze and takes you on a wild and intense sonic rollercoaster ride.

Expect sultry smoky vocals, dramatic drums and synths that build to an intense guitar solo, a bridge that has you questioning your sanity, then a final peak and sudden end to give one last rattle to your cage (in a good way!)

‘Deadalive’ will slice you open and pour liquid gold into the wound, you will feel the burn in your bones for days. This track could very well become the anthem for 2020.

Deadalive is OUT NOW via all of the usual channels. Check out the video below:

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