Single Review: DZ Deathrays | Blood On My Leather

There are those bands that have a chemical conversion over your body. The bands that make you air drum on a packed bus. The bands that make you lose two wristwatches on two separate occasions, respectively, in the mosh pit. The bands that make you cede all control of your body, ripping off your shirt, and giving in to the music. DZ Deathrays are that band (and I speak from personal experience).

Never ones to shy away from the live stage, DZ Deathrays have remained active throughout the off-record-cycle from 2014’s Black Rat by playing the odd club show or spinning some records – DJ Deathrays, anyone? Now with a new record currently being chipped away at, the band have kindly dropped its first teaser, Blood on My Leather.

Personally, I’m not sure what else I expect from a DZ Deathrays song. This track wastes no time in marking its territory by pile-driving its earthquake-inspired kick drum beat toned off with Shane Parsons’ slivery, electric guitar riff. The track’s self-referential, cavalier approach to being another heavy disco party anthem is actually the song’s biggest stride. So simple in design but hardly the watered down DZ procedure.

A new addition to the DZ formula is the introduction of a guest vocalist for some backing vocals coming in the form of Bloods’ domineering frontwoman, Sweetie Zamora. Sweetie provides some well received oohs and aahs and something the band may be testing the waters with – much like how Northern Lights was the shoegaze vibed gateway drug to the group’s more dynamic sophomore release.

Blood on My Leather is ultimate comfort food. It’s familiar and harmless yet appetising and forever pleasurable. Even the band nods to its proverbial nature by stating in an interview the song’s original track name, Meth Rays, “From there we had to change the name,” they joked. “It’s a bit of a party jam: a little bit about the war on drugs, a bit tongue-in-cheek too. Classic DZ.”

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