Single Review | Harts: Power

Almost exactly one year ago I wrote a gig review about young Melbourne muso Harts. Darren Harts, multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer, had just begun to climb the slippery rock n roll ladder. Man, he was flying up the thing.

He has constantly been compared to two giants of the biz, Hendrix and Prince.

For those who have been living under a rock, well good for you, nice to hibernate sometimes, but a while back Prince heard some demos of Harts and was so impressed, he flew him to the States to jam in his Paisley Park studios. Yep. That happened. Prince had been quoted as saying “He reminds me of how I was at that age”. Woah.

Harts’ new single is titled Power, and it is funk-ee to the max. Shades of Funkadelic, Stevie Wonder and of course the purple Prince. That ripping, reverb guitar and pumping bass would have Jimi and Prince rocking the hell out in the Cloudland

Ballroom above or the fiery moshpits of Hell’s Basement. One hell of a jam be going down from whence thou went. Oh. Foxy Lady.

Power is soulful and sassy. Smooth grooves and funky-as beats. Soaring and  triumphant.

“Maybe we can love one another

Oh love is powerful. Oh power to us all

Power to the powerless, believe yourself

Power to the loved ones who treat us well

Power to us all”.

And that final crashing note. Boom. Fight the power? Feel the power.

Harts is bringing his funky arse to Splendour in The Grass and also playing the Pre-Splendour Party at the Great Northern alongside Avalanches, Methyl Ethyl and The Kills. Yeah I’d kill to be there.


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