Single review: Josh Lovegrove | I’m Not Done

The oft barefoot romantic, Josh Lovegrove, speaks fondly of the Woodford Folk Festival, where he chose to launch his latest single I’m Not Done. While his R&B style doesn’t seem to quite suit the genre of the famous folk festival, his vocal looping workshops – delivered with jazz singer and The Voice personality Darren Percival – are always packed out and popular. Lovegrove’s intuitive and engaging style, (and probably his heartthrob good looks) were definitely a hit with Woodford punters.

Lovegrove counts a number of higher profile venues amongst his fans, including Michelle Christoe from the NightQuarter who was recently seen commenting on social media recently that she’d been enjoying the new single on rotation. While I liked it too, and found myself singing along to it’ hook later in the day wondering where I’d picked up the tune, my appreciation for Lovegrove’s live show detracted from my enjoyment of the single. The man is something special in person, looping cleverly and charismatically entertaining all and sundry at his concerts. With my expectations high, I’m Not Done didn’t capture that experience, and I have to admit I had hoped for more.

If you love your pop and R&B you’ll no doubt love this single, but my recommendation is that if you haven’t yet, you should definitely part with the few bucks to see the young man at a gig. He’s well worth it, even though in my view his newest single doesn’t quite capture his exceptional talent.


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