Single Review: Like Soda | Violent Soho

A little while ago I said, that in my opinion, Violent Soho and BAD//DREEMS were two of the best rock bands in the country right now. Getting to see them both on the same bill awhile back at The Soundlounge in Currumbin was a double treat. The usually polite crowd went completely ape-shit.

The first time I saw Vi-So (I don’t know if that will catch on) live was at Valley Fiesta in Brisbane three years ago. I’d never heard their music or heard of them, but as soon as they belted out Neighbour Neighbour I knew there was something special about these guys. Something… but I didn’t know what exactly.

They’ve just got “it”. That magic formula of grabbing you by the throat, slapping you in the face and kicking you in the arse. Kapow. And you’re begging for more.

Their new single Like Soda maintains the rage. Maybe a bit less ballsy, though I’ve heard that live this song packs a wallop. Luke’s distinctive growly voice sucks you in with catchy choruses you can’t help but sing along to:

“I don’t mind, I don’t care / I’ll just say whatever / We don’t mind, we don’t care / We’ll be here forever”.

Hardly deep and meaningful or worthy of a Miles Franklin Award but who gives a damn?

The video clip begins with flames engulfing the screen and slowly diminishing as the song progresses. Nearing the end you see it’s a cassette player on fire. When the flames peter out you see a cassette tape inside with ‘Violent Soho’ written on it. The song ends, the flames have disappeared and a hand opens the deck-door and removes the tape. I can’t help but notice that the frequency the radio dial is set on the player is Brisbane’s 4ZZZ 102.1 FM. Probably the first station to play these local Bris-boys music. Nice touch. Simple and clever.

Like Soda might lack the punch of favourite VS song, Covered in Chrome, but that’s going to be a hard one to top, “hell fuck yeah.” It still has that quintessential Soho power, energy and raw charm, though. No frills, in-your-face, Aussie rock. Get it in ya. Like soda, with a kick-arse whiskey chaser.

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