Single Review: Mass Sky Raid | Enemy

The Gold Coast has some incredible artists who have released great material in the past year alone.

But from time to time there comes a band whose writing skills really shine above the rest. One of those bands is Mass Sky Raid, who have recently released their new single Enemy.

Enemy is not only sonically stunning but also shows a maturity of bands that have been together for ten or more years.

Mass Sky Raid have been kicking around the local scene since forming in 2011 and while I enjoyed their debut EP Courage Under Fire, if this latest single is a taste of what’s to come, it’s definitely a step up and a move in the right direction.

When asked about the meaning behind the lyrics, vocalist Adam Lomas said ‘Enemy is a sonic interpretation of a relationship fighting for survival where one person’s internal conflict and self disillusion now creates new borders between themselves and the person they love the most’.

Yes it is that epic!

Mass Sky Raid are one band to keep a close eye on and I think it’s going to be a very exciting year ahead for the Gold Coast lads once their next release drops.

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