Single review: Pure Milk | Palm Beach

Gold Cost indie rock collective Pure Milk are a band clearly unafraid to embrace their local identity, as evidenced on the release of earlier cracking numbers such as ‘M1 Motorway’ and ‘Elephant Rock’. The release of their latest single, ‘Palm Beach’, sees the four piece continue the trend, penning a homage to their suburb of residence, the track described by the bands front man, song-writer and guitarist Lewis Nitschinsk as “a socially conscious ode to one of the Gold Coast’s prettiest and grittiest suburbs.”

‘Palm Beach’ ebbs and flows off the back of an insistent indie rock groove, the rhythm section locking into a splendidly simple, loping groove as Nitschinsk proclaims his inner musings, digging a bit deeper, beneath the locale and indeed the city, to touch upon the pangs of everyday living and everyday fears in a town masquerading as a city. A cracking slice of angular and heartfelt indie-rock done right. Embrace your inner postcode, folks…

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