Single Review: Tinpan Orange | Rich Man 

Emily Lubitz’s opening nonchalant cat-like yowl and prowl adagio… He can buy the love he needs/ opens doors with all his keys /takes you where the people know/ where if like yours to own, provides the trigger propelling us to that distinct Tinpan Orange sound that fans know and love.

And that sound is the warm tones of Tinpan Orange’s distorted tremelo guitar, mindfully added with bass clef piano and Alex Burkoy’s yearning violin.

The new single and Youtube clip Rich Man (below) is a hair teaser from their up and coming album Love is a Dog.  The film clip, directed and filmed by Jam Nawak, opens with Emily styled by mysterious hands, layering her with beauty devices and vanity vices only for her to calmly discard them leaving only her long hair flowing freely and a sense of relief.  Emily sings cadences of haunting falsetto with a cautionary tale – Lady when a rich man comes / take your breath away / burning like a million suns / lady walk away.

Fans of Tinpan Orange can feel the lurve from 8 April, the release date of their Love is a Dog album. Pre-order at or catch them during their national tour in May which includes Mullumbimby.

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