Single Review: Vanilla Gorilla | Tropicana

Vanilla Gorilla are a super lax bunch of dudes from Smiths Lake, making their own breed of electro infused, reggae driven, punchy punk crossed with classic surf rock with a touch of vanilla and a whole bunch of lifestyle. Tropicana is a summer track that will turn even the wettest of Sundays into a tropical storm like no other. Their sound is hauntingly familiar vocals reminiscent of artists such as Sublime yet profoundly unique, the vibe is high and each chord and change is progressively better than the next.

A really cool introduction into the lives and minds of these cool kids and what they have to offer. This is the kind of party music Queensland thrives upon. Stoke level 100.

Catch Vanilla Gorilla live at Miami Tavern Shark Bar, Friday 9 December


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