Sitting Is a Disease, Part Three

As we now know, when we sit and if the abdominals are not a little engaged to correct posture, we end up slouching. The shoulders slump forward and we get a little hunchback. We have previously looked at how to open the front of the chest and shoulders as this area gets short and closes in. This article looks at the other side of the coin, the tight muscles through the back of the shoulders.

When the shoulders are slouching forward the muscles in the back of the shoulders are being tightened as they are constantly contracting to try to limit the forward slouch. These muscles are working hard all the time which means they need as much attention as the front of the body.

This stretch opens the back of the shoulders and gives those over worked muscles some relief. It is also a great pose to do if you surf!

To do this pose we bring one elbow underneath the other with bent arms. For some of us the elbows will not fit neatly one under the other, the range may not be there but do the best you can. We then intertwine the forearms and if it’s achievable for you, bring the palms together. If that isn’t going to happen yet, bringing the back of the hands or forearms together is fine. Now try to lift the elbows up while you draw the shoulder blades down and move the hands away from the face. Hold for at least one minute then switch arms so the other arm is underneath and repeat.

Opening up and relaxing these muscles will help to ease your neck and release the tension that tends to creep upwards. Sometimes the tension through the shoulders and neck causes headaches so it becomes even more beneficial to release these areas. It really is important to do these stretches and to work on both sides to bring balance back into the body.

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