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He picked up the lap slide guitar when he was just 16, has had two EP releases and a slew of shows up and down the east coast as well as support slots with the likes of The Beautiful Girls, Bobby Alu, Dustin Thomas and Horrorshow. And now Pat Tierney has a shiny new album to share. We hung five prior to his Soundlounge show on Friday 10 July.

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Tell me about where you grew up and how it influenced your music.

I grew up in Woolgoolga on the Mid North Coast with amazing beaches and great people. Growing up here really plants an appreciation of nature and the ocean and family/community. It’s an amazing place to get away from the hustle and bustle and has certainly influenced the way I approach my music.

You started playing lap slide at 16. What drew such a young man to do so?

It was love at first hearing. I’d heard a lot of bottleneck slide growing up but when I first heard a lap slide guitar the sound just drew me in straight away and I knew that was a sound I needed to explore.  When I started playing I didn’t know anyone who played so I had to teach myself and it’s been a huge part of my writing and sound. There’s an amazing community of players all over the world and it’s constantly inspiring and challenging me as a musician.

You say your music is a blend of the sounds you grew up listening to?

I remember hearing artists like Bob Dylan, Cat Stevens, Bob Marley, The Police, Crowded House. When I started making music I didn’t really have a plan of what I wanted to sound like. When it came to making the album I knew it would be influenced by so much different music. I have my parents to thank for their great taste !

Tell me about your new album Wild World Blues?

It’s got a little about love and loss, pleasure and pain but also a sense of the bigger picture in life and looking beyond your own little world. Recording the album has helped me shed some unwanted fears and focus on the man and musician I want to be.

What can audiences expect when you hit the Gold Coast in July?

Our live show definitely offers something eclectic and unique. There’s a big focus on the slide guitar and blues harp.

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Pat Tierney plays The Rails Byron Bay on Thursday 2 July and The Soundlounge Currumbin on Friday 10 July.

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