Smoothing it over with Lonely Wolf  

The Gold Coast is a melting pot for new businesses; particularly those focused on health and beauty. Ahead of the race is one of the four troubadours in Tsun, Jared Franzen, who is the flawless face for the organic, handmade skin and beauty range known as Lonely Wolf. Yanina Benavidez met the Lonely Wolf curator at Mabel’s Corner in Palm Beach to discuss his distinctive line of products and how it all came about.

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Who is Lonely Wolf and how did it all begin?

Lonely Wolf is my pride and joy, a lovingly all-natural, hand made, organic range of skin care. When I first started and began working on the Beard Oil I envisioned ‘The Lonely Wolf’ to be a middle aged handsome business man, since then its expanded into so many other products so it’s hard to pinpoint exactly who Lonely Wolf is.


What inspired your interest in skin care?

I was reading The Alchemist and I had an epiphany. I have been told that this book comes to you when you are ready for it. I was half way through and was struggling to grow a beard at the time because my skin was really itchy, I couldn’t find a product that was all natural. I have always believed you eat through your skin so I thought I’d have to make this myself. I began researching natural products and developed the first, our very popular beard oil.


How many products do you have as part of your line now?

There is the beard oil, seven soaps – each of them targeted and suitable for sensitive skin as well as a shampoo bar, Lonely Wolf t-shirts, a luxurious night elixir, and we have just launched a lip balm. We have a couple of exciting new lines bubbling away, which we will drop in the next few weeks.


How can we get our paws on Lonely Wolf?

All the products are available online, Small Stall here at Mabel’s Corner and a number of suppliers in Brisbane.


What is your go-to product?

I personally do use all of them, the beard oil I do love, but at the moment while the weather is drying out I have been using the night elixir quite often, it’s so hydrating and repairs the skin, my skin looks so much younger, I am hoping to look like a 20 year old middle aged man, which works because I will never outgrow my youthful sense of humour.


What inspires new products?

I seek out products that I want to use and detect how they are made and try to give it my personal touch and ensure its 100% natural and local. I believe that if there is a product that I might be interested in using that others out there will certainly feel the same.


Are your Tsun bandmates your greatest supporters or your most reliable lab rats?

Both! Actually they have been really supportive, our guitarist Juniper who also runs Apples & Oranges has always been hands on by creating all our labelling and graphic design work, Karl sports one of the most luscious beards I have seen so he was first to test out the oil. He is also very honest so his opinion says a lot. Joel is a big fan of the night elixir, he is a bit of a baby faced fashionista, so he inspired that product a bit

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If you haven’t already had a bite of this smooth operator’s delicious collection then head to and see what all the fuss is about.

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