Something fishy at Burleigh

The debate about what is better, Food vs. Sex, is an ancient one. And for good reason. Can the culinary delights conjured up to tantalise tastebuds and for eyes to feast upon really compare with the sensual delights and intimate closeness of two human bodies?

It is a debate I regularly have with myself. But when I find a dish in a restaurant that makes me want to whip my top off after I’ve finished lasciviously licking the plate and rub it on my breasts in ecstasy I know that food has well and truly won this round of the debate.

And so I found myself at The Fishhouse in Burleigh Heads. (Ok, so maybe I didn’t whip my top off or lick the plate but my gosh it took all my willpower to refrain from doing so). A totally unpretentious establishment, The Fishhouse delivers what it promises. Heavenly seafood offered up honestly and without compromise. Simon Gloftis has really established himself as the restaurateur of substance on the coast. Following his other much loved establishment Hellenika, The Fishhouse gives the same promise of dishes done right and you cannot go wrong with any of them.

To start I ordered the Cockles with Chorizo, however the chef decided the cockles weren’t up to standard and instead send out a plate of scallops on the house. You know scallops are good when you call for more bread just to wipe up the amazing sauce they were served with. (The bread is addictive in its own right). The wine list covers a variety of regions and price points and the sommelier gives expert insight into each dishes best match without snobbery.  King George whiting remains the most popular dish on the menu and for good reason. No other fish quite matches the King George in terms of the perfect sweet and savoury combination with a robustness that keeps you feeling satisfied long after you’ve gone home. Service is prompt, friendly and not over-bearing.

It is hard to feel life is anything but wonderful eating these fruits de mer as you enjoy the stunning ocean vista from your seat.  After dinner the Espresso Martini is hard to go past with the aromas as its being concocted wafting invitingly over all the diners to your little place in paradise. And what better dish to go with the martini that the Chocolate Fondant with Smoked Ice-Cream. Oh dear sweet smoked ice-cream….where have you been all my life? It’s hard to look decorous when you are salivating over such a dish. Well, maybe just one quick little lick then.

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