Song of the Year an unexpected triumph for Lane x Ike

Lane Harry x Ike Campbell recently took out the first ever award for Song of the Year on the Gold Coast for their track Anarchy. It was the first time a Music Awards had happened n the city for more than a decade. Some considered the hip-hop outfit to be a slim chance of taking out the award, given the genre and themes of the song they entered.

“It was really unexpected,” Lane said. “We were right at the back of the building waiting for somebody else to win so it was wild when we got announced.”

You could see the surprise on the gents’ faces actually. Ike said it was a shock and that they’d been joking about winning it just moments before they were announced.

Lane’s mother, who has never seen them perform before, was in the audience to witness their moment of glory. Lane and Ike were presented with their award by the City’s cultural advisor Robyn Archer, AM. And the City of Gold Coast was the category sponsor.

“She was really stoked,” Lane said of his mother’s response.

“It’s always good to be acknowledged and recognised for hard work,” he told Blank. “We’ve put the hours into this and the fans’ response is always more than enough but to be given Song of the Year is definitely above and beyond what we could have hoped for when creating the song.”

Ike agrees. “We work endlessly to create the highest quality art we can, so receiving some recognition for that was rewarding,” he said. “It was also reassuring to know that people respect the direction of our music.”

Lane believes the Gold Coast Music Awards will give some artists the motivation to creatively push themselves in order to stand out.

And Ike says it’s great exposure for the artists that are involved.

“Even the title of a nomination is something worth sharing with fans and audiences through social media, which will help gain the attention of others,” he said.

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The 2016 Gold Coast Music Awards is already on organisers’ minds with Burleigh Brewing Co locking themselves in as presenting partner for the second year in a row. More at

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