Dave Grohl and his merry group of men were just in the country until recently touring Australia, but they sure haven’t left the headlines since. From playing a fun cover set at Quiksilver Pro to releasing their documentary series Sonic Highways on DVD, the boys in Foo Fighters have given us plenty of reasons to continue talking about them, with the latest being the announcement that they have rocketed up to hold the no. 1 position on the ARIA DVD Charts. Their series, Sonic Highways, sees the band tour America to touch down and record in 8 of the country’s legendary studios. Directed by Grohl himself and featuring some brilliant cameos from the world’s best musicians (and the current president Barrack Obama), you would think that the hour long episodes covered everything. Well, you’d be wrong.

For all the Bluesfest 2015 goers, you’ll be happy to know that the DVD collection of the series features further interview snippets from Dave Grohl’s chat to The Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach as well as Joan Jett and Dolly Parton. President Obama appears again in the special features with an extended chat alongside a host of other coveted musicians. Grohl describes the show as a ‘love letter to the history of american music’, and you can certainly see why as the band stops by Chicago, Washington DC, Nashville, Austin, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York and of course, Seattle. Grohl tactfully handled Seattle, as I am sure you would have seen on GO! or Channel V, but if you haven’t, grab the DVD and see for yourself. After all, the Foo Fighters leader did tease that a second season of Sonic Highways was a possibility, and it could see him touch down in Australia and the UK. As long as he brings the band along, I’m sure we’ll all be pleased.


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