With some of the greatest rock legends touching down in around a month, we’ve got the facts for you to have an awesome Soundwave 2015.

The Timetables Aren’t Finalized
AJ Maddah is disputably one of the best (and most vocal) festival promoters in the world, and so when he announced the timetables for Soundwave 2015, they were just the drafts so he could hear the feedback from the fans through his social media weapon of choice, Twitter. If you have any issues with clashes, or think Marilyn Manson should be doing a 4 hour show, tweet your concerns to AJ. They might be heard!

In Saying That, The Timetables Are Pretty Awesome
There are minimal clashes in the night time, just as AJ Maddah promised when expanding the festival to two days. The only clash people are upset about is the one between Smashing Pumpkins and Slipknot. AJ explained in a tweet that Smashing Pumpkins and Slipknot will be boasting massive light shows and so both of them had to have night slots, which are 90 minutes in length.

The Signing Tent Participants Have Not Been Announced
One of the many reasons Soundwave is awesome is because they boast a signing tent, where you can go get CDs,Posters and other Memorabilia signed by your favourite Soundwave bands. Okay, you can’t expect to see Billy Corgan or Chris Cornell turning up to sign autographs (because the lines would be over 5 hours long), but you can anticipate some decent artists there, ready to meet their fans in a nice environment, rather than in some dodgy backstreet while they leave a venue.

Tickets Haven’t Sold Out…Yet
Somehow, even with the headline billing of Faith No More, Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, Slipknot, Slash and Marilyn Manson, the festival hasn’t sold out…yet. There are whisperings that certain cities are close to selling out, and so you had best get on your way to securing yourself a pass to the incredible festival that is Soundwave 2015.

There you have it, all the things to keep you up to date on what will be happening around the festival. Sit tight, AJ Maddah announced that the second timetable drafts will be available this Thursday for viewing, so if you have any concerns, wait and see if they have been fixed by then. Don’t forget- it is just a second draft, and AJ is ready to hear your beef with any timetabling issues.

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