New Gold Coast facility aids in improving mental health outcomes for locals

The opening of a new $8 million mental health ward at The Southport Private Hospital has increased capacity for support services, providing a range of specialty care services exclusive to the Gold Coast.

The new facility doubled the number of beds available from 24 to 48, which had been introduced as a solution to the increased demand for mental health services across the Gold Coast.

The facility includes a modern gym, art classes, music room and complementary therapies including yoga classes and exercise physiology.

The Southport Private Hospital’s new mental health ward includes a hydro pool, a holistic approach to improving the mental health of Gold Coast locals. Photo Courtesy: Southport Private Hospital. 

Gold Coast local, Kyle, had used the facilities and services managing his anxiety and depression, having been a part of the hospital’s outpatient program for 20 weeks.

Kyle said the new ward is incredible and quite relaxing.

“My conditions have been ongoing since roughly 2017 when I discharged the military in Afghanistan with post-traumatic stress disorder and depression,” Kyle said.

“Compared to pre-hospitalisation, I have more of an ability to manage my emotions and more of an ability to manage my moods,” he said.

“It’s definitely hard, but it’s improving.”

Kyle said he would encourage anyone who is struggling during this time to reach out and seek help.

“There is definitely strength in reaching out,” he said.

Director of Clinical Services, Athol Webb (left) and Nurse Unit Manager, Valerie Bailey say the new mental health facility at The Southport Private Hospital is producing great results. Photo Courtesy: Southport Private Hospital. 

The Southport Private Hospital’s Director of Clinical Services, Athol Webb, said the program’s success is credited to the caliber of staff.

“All of our nurses and allied health are of a high caliber and I think that really makes a difference,” Mr Webb said.

“Putting that all together, we’ve managed to maintain a fairly low stimulus environment which aids in recovery,” he said.

“Previously, the way we used to treat mental health was just with medication, and then slowly we realised that there is a lot more to mental health than just what you can see.

“We know a positive environment that considers the holistic and individual needs of each patient can result in lifechanging outcomes.”

Nurse Unit Manager Valerie Bailey said it is a privilege to be a part of an innovative program.

“The team here is very motivated, engaging and professional and we do provide services that are exclusive to here [Gold Coast],” Ms Bailey said.

“The culture here is very warm and very engaging, as evidence shows that this works,” she said.

“I think the patients are responding very well.”

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