Spiderbait feat. Stephanie Gilmore @ Falls Festival Byron

Wow. That’s all I can say. Kram has been touted as a god of Australian rock, but this show was beyond impressive. I’ll explain why later, but there was something just as awesome… a “world first”, as Kram put it.

Six time Surfing World Champion Stephanie Gilmore slid out on stage to play a track with Spiderbait on her own shiny Converse guitar. The smile she came out with never left her face, and she seemed to be enjoying the experience more than everyone else. She kept perfect time, moved around as much as anyone on stage, and overall was a spectacular addition to Spiderbait. After they wrapped up the song, Kram inducted the audience into Spiderbait as members, but that was not all. Kram’s antics stretched from running around on stage in wide circles while Whitt and Janet built up a song to he made a huge audience silent, and in addition to all that, he rearranged the crowd because there were “too many guys” in one section.

Their set was incredible. Kram certainly knew how to work the audience, getting them to fill in the melodies throughout the whole set. Janet’s vocals were superb, and Whitt’s guitarwork was flawless. They threw in a quick cover of 99 Luftballons, which everyone in the crowd both young and old knew, before closing with Black Betty. When Spiderbait played Splendour in the not too distant past, Dan Sultan joined them on stage for a song. Now, with Stephanie Gilmore added to their list of special guests, I wonder who will be next.

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