New music premiere: The Spirit of Churaki release ‘Mibbin’

After the release of their first stunning single ‘No Love’, The Spirit of Churaki is back with the second offering titled ‘Mibbin’ out today, and we have your first listen.

In addition to the single, the entire stage production is being released on an album, later this month at Dust Temple Currumbin. The epic live musical collaboration was created to honour the memory of Churaki, an aboriginal man heralded as the Gold Coast’s first lifesaver.  The World Premiere of The Spirit of Churaki, produced and commissioned by Bleach* The Gold Coast Festival, was presented at the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, and the album will be released by Bleach* in 2019.

The Spirit of Churaki soundtrack rides the perfect wave between rocking surf tunes, laid back oceanic beats, beautiful ballads and the ancient sounds of Aboriginal language. The collaboration was built over a three-year process which shared cultural material of songs and stories. This music is a tribute to Churaki as a man but also to a rich lineage of saltwater people, a spirit of generosity, a deep connection to country and cultural obligation.

Today’s release ‘Mibbin’, is the song of the sea eagle, a messenger for many coastal tribes which brings the message of the migration of the ‘Jalum’ the sea-mullet, and carries the hunting and fishing law for people.


The show was brought together under the musical direction of American rock legend Brian Ritchie (Violent Femmes) in collaboration with the local indigenous community including musicians and lead artist Kyle Slabb along with Jarulah (Juz) Slabb, Josh Slabb, Kaleb Slabb and Colin Usher. The show also features an extraordinary line up of touring Australian musicians including Fred Leone (Impossible Odds, Black Arm Band), Leah Flanagan, Greg Sheehan Sam Pankhurst and Veronique Serret. Together they wrote a collection of songs which honour a rich lineage of saltwater people, a spirit of generosity, a deep connection to country and cultural obligation.

Kyle Slabb explains the reasoning behind releasing ‘Mibbin’ as the second single from the album.

“It’s a song that a lot of Aboriginal people in the local area relate to, and it says a lot about who we are as Saltwater people and our connection to place, so that was significant for us.”

As for first single, ‘No Love’, “it was more talking about current issues, like what it’s like being Aboriginal in 2019 and engaging with society and some of the issues there, so releasing both meant people are getting a bit of the old and bit of the new.”

The Spirit of Churaki was the most ambitious project that the Festival has ever commissioned and has continued to inspire and ignite audiences where ever it goes. This unique collection of music is like nothing else being produced or presented in Australia and as Fred Leone describes the show, “The Spirit of Churaki is reconciliation in action”.

Due to the success of the project, The Spirit of Churaki have now been invited to play at Sydney’s well renowned festival of “Lights, Music and Ideas” – Vivid. The performance will be held on May 27 in Sydney.

To celebrate the release of the album, the project will be showcasing a special performance at the Gold Coast’s Dust Temple on 22 April. All welcome.


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