Miyuki Lotz is an actress and producer, known for Thicker Than Water (2015), Tourist (2013) and Secrets (2012). As an artist based on the Gold Coast, Natalie O’Driscoll, caught up with Miyuki for a few quick questions.

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1. Can you please tell us a little about your performance background – how / when did you discover your love and talent for acting?

Originally I came from a ballet background. I was dedicated to that for about 17 years of my life before switching to acting. I’ve had a passion for acting since I was three, but I was naturally talented at ballet. I thought I’d pursue the ballet until I was 25, then retire and study acting at a training center…I just retired at 20 instead.

2. What was your first professional performance?

In ballet, it was being a clown in the second act of Coppelia when Swanhilde and her friends run havoc in Dr Coppelius’ workroom (1990). In acting, it was my end of year acting showcase in my first year at QUT (2005).


3. Were you born and raised on the Gold Coast, if not, when did you come to live here?

I was actually born in Cape Town, South Africa. My family and I migrated over to Australia in 1989. We lived in Tasmania before settling up here on the Gold Coast. I’ve been residing on-and-off the Gold Coast for the past 20 years.


4. Do you have a favourite actor, if so, who is it and what is it about them you love so much?

At the moment, I’ve got a massive girl-crush on Shaileen Woodley. She’s incredibly engaging and irreverent on screen. I’m hanging to see Insurgent just to see her in something new! However, I’ll always have a deep love for my greats like Meryl Streep, Diane Keaton, Shirley McLaine, Goldie Hawn and Cate Blanchett, of course. They’ll always be my true leading ladies. They’ve managed to maintain longevity in a industry that’s renowned for being fickle…*slow clap*


5. Tell us about the independent film you have just been in?

It was a fantastic experience. Everyone on board really loved the story and worked their hardest to get the film made. It’s a multicultural family drama titled Thicker Than Water about the soul connections we make throughout life and the consequences of those bonds. It stars Anthony Brandon Wong (Matrix Sequels), Brad McMurray (Sea Patrol), and singer/songwriter Pete Murray.


6. Why do you enjoy acting?

It inspires me, challenges me, and it accepts me. Acting mirrors life in all its forms and I love how moved you get from simply being near it. It’s professional dress-ups for adults!


7. Have you trained and if so, where? Have you had any teachers in your past that have made an impact on you?

I did my BFA in Acting at QUT. I have had the pleasure of working with many great teachers who’ve all taught me something valuable which I could add to my craft however, the most impacting teacher would have to be my dialect coach, Melissa Agnew. She’s an incredible woman who initially got the ball rolling with my transition from ballet into acting. I owe my career to her!


8. What was the most challenging role you have ever played, and why?

Elizabeth Proctor in The Crucible during my second year at acting school. I was just too young at the time to give the role justice. It’s such a great role – I actually fought for it. We had an amazing director, Michael Futcher, who really gave me a chance. I hope I can go back and reprise the role on stage later in my career.


9. What profession could you see yourself doing if you were not an actor?

Writing and producing.


10. Tell us what the rest of 2015 is looking like for you.

So far, 2015 is looking pretty exciting. I’ve been offered a place in the Professional Actor’s Masterclass in Los Angeles from April – May. It’s a great opportunity where we get the chance to work closely with prestigious US Casting Directors and later showcase our work to various US Agents and Managers. A lot of past candidates have had really positive outcomes from attending the course and managed to secure US representation as well as O-1 Visas and work. I’ve also submitted a play for possible staging in the Gold Coast Arts Centre’s Independent Season for 2016. There’s also a musical theatre audition coming up for Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde, which will be showing out of Sydney and Melbourne at the end of 2015 – 2016. Right now, I’m open to anything!

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